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Monday 21st January

Sky Sports Racing

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January's Leaderboard

# Player W-P-U
1 Mark Perfect 19-6-10
2 Craig Hindley 17-6-12
3 Clive Gazey 16-9-10
4 Denise Staddon 16-9-10
5 Steve Dooley 16-8-11
6 David Doody 16-8-11
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Last Competition

# Player W-P-U
1 Luke Hargreaves 6-0-1
2 Neil Weaver 6-0-1
3 Michelle Sheppard 6-0-1
4 Michael Coad 5-1-1
5 Steven Graham 5-1-1
6 Roger Porter 5-1-1
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Your ATR game history and private leagues are no longer available. If you have any questions about your previous game history or private leagues, please get in touch with us via the Feedback form.
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